Thursday, April 26, 2007

No, Title Please.

Money sucks. I have been trying to save money and find it close to impossible. Lately when I make purchases I find myself do a simple equation:

a (price of my purchase) and dividing it by b (the amount of an hour or hours spent @ work).

Since I hate working, I find it very effective. For example, today I really wanted a Beef Satay. Yummy. It costs $7.99. Then I remind myself:

1.I am trying to save money.
2.I probably won't eat the whole thing.
3.That the meal equals 40 minutes I spent ringing up assholes @ work.

Then I go home, surf the internet and find these pictures. My spirits are totally lifted:

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For those of you who were not working @ Applebee's in 2002, this was Eric's going away present to our manager Shelly.
And she loved it.

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Eric claims that Applebee's still uses this tray. In case you need to know, this tray resides @ the Applebee's on Green Road.

Fun Fact: I read that the Bible is the most purchased and shoplifted book.