Monday, May 26, 2008

I am in a rut rut rut.

I am totally addicted to last-fm Internet radio. love it. Except for the email I got from another user today:

From: jakegittes
Subject: [no subject]
Date: 27 May 2008, 22:35
hi, i'm looking for a nice young lady to be my grandma. we can go tree hunting in the woods!

Here is his profile pic. I think he's showing off his penis. Way to go, Gramps.

I really, REALLY want a new apartment. My current apartment was built in 1823, no joke. It's going to be summer soon and it will be deadly hot and I will miserable. Poor Sailor Dog has a short little nose and he is forced the spend most of the summer my bedroom, which is the only room in my house with AC so he does not overheat.
Am I totally boring you yet? Sorry, I love my pup.


Ohh, and Friday is the last Tickled Fancy show till fall. Blind Pig! Go check out the hotness!

Tickled Fancy Burlesque Co

Rosie's Debut

Tickled Fancy Burlesque Co.

Rita Riggs



Sorry, I am in a bloggin rut lately, so enjoy pictures because I am not feeling too clever today.

Monday, May 19, 2008


comiccon 009

comiccon 023

I paid $20 to go see my sisters boyfriend in his armor. And man, was it an interesting afternoon.........

My sisters boyfriend. He made everything that he is wearing:

Okay, did anyone see the doc "Confessions of a Superhero?" Well, I did, and this made this picture disturbing to me:

comiccon 027

And someone showed up at the wrong convention:

comiccon 020

comiccon 005

Some Slave girls. We were all pondering if they went commando, but I did't want to ask them.

comiccon 016

B.T. purchased this giant talking Pinhead. He was way more pumped about his purchase then he let on.

comiccon 022

I told my sister this would make great wedding china for her and Drew and she was not pleased:

comiccon 013

OMG!!!!!!!! Say Lindsey Lohan!!!!!!

comiccon 001

This guy was selling "Hood Comics", 3 for a $1. No joke.

comiccon 007

comiccon 019

comiccon 004

comiccon 011

I had no idea that most people that are attending this function dress up just for fun. I also saw Link, Rainbow Brite, some Zombies, and a giant rat, just to name a few. OOOHHHHH, and I was pretty excited to see that Tom Savini had a booth there. I want to give him a high five or something, but he looked kind of mean.

But really, it was a long day. I was finally getting over my cold and the next day it came back full force and super mean. I seriously feel like I am being punished right now. This sums it up for you........

for realzzzzzz

Cough syrup, tea and cookies for dinner. Nighty night.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I am not clever enough to add a title today.


I watched "The Bridge" this evening and the followed it up with "Diving Bell and the Butterfly." Awesome movies, but really DO NOT WATCH THEM THE SAME NIGHT.
Unless you are planning to have depress-fest.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

All of this is true.

I am going to Comic-Con in an hour to go see my sisters boyfriend walk around in his handmade Clone trooper armor. I had no idea what kind of my guy my sister was shacking up with.

Oh, guess what? NERD ALERT!!!!!!!!

Wookieepedia - The Star Wars encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

I feel as though I know nothing.
I'll take lots of pictures!!


Monday, May 12, 2008

This man can make me dance like no other...

I saw Charlie Slick again, and man, is he awesome. My camera and I are having a fight again, but here are some older pics of the from last months dance-a-thon:

Charlie Slick

Charlie Slick

Charlie Slick

Not to get all girly, but I have been hearing so many Sex and the City rumors it is making me insane!! Discussing this was making me an embarassing sappy drunk at the bar last night......

Ewwww, and you want to know what else is annoying. When your boyfriends ex-friend who had "relations" with, finds him on MySpace and starts calling him on my phone everyday with all of her problems. So the the relations were like a decade ago, whatever, I let it go. But I got a bit fired up today when I opened my mailbox to see that she sent him a pre-paid cell phone with 600 minutes so they could talk! EW!
I would never want to talk to someone soooo much that I felt the need to by them a fucking cell phone?!
Am I being totally crazy????????

Hello Spring. I broke my sunglasses and captured the depressing moment at the same time. But whatever, I will not let it get me down. Bring it on Spring, I am ever so ready!

My sunglasses fell off my head at this instant.

Hello May 5th

Sunday, May 11, 2008



It is a coffee table and working controller. AHHHH!!!

Go HERE!!!!!!!!!!! And you can read the old posts and see the awesomness in the making.


Not Fun Fact: My car got hit with a paintball gun on Saturday night. Yes, these sad things do happen in real life.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Adult diapers........

I kinda want to make this. I have mixed feelings.........


This OLD homeless man I know asked me if he could borrow $5 today.

"Are you serious??? For what?"

"Well, it's my girlfriend. She needs some Depends diapers."

Since he told me something that personal and weird, I forked over the cash in a heartbeat.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Life and Times of Crazy Legs; Vol. I

For those of you who have not met Crazy Legs, he's a cute dino that was left for 30 days at WFM. I knew that it was only right to give him the home he need. Here is what he has been up to the last couple months:

crazy leggs (2)

His simulated habitat:

carzy 24 Lomo (Light Vignette)

His BFF (RIP Fatso Catso:

crazy legs 9 Lomo (Original)

His first time eating out. And he thought Jamie Edwards was a stud muffin!!

cray dinner

We spend A LOT of time together.

crazy leggs (12)

He's been really busy, but he has a lot of friends and I just wanted to let you know that he is doing AMAZING!

Fun Fact): The biggest dinosaur egg ever found was the size of a football.