Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Holy Fuck.

I let one of my sisters use my Flicker account. She decided that she wanted to make a "tasteful yet hot" book for Valentine's day/birthday gift for her boyfriend. She is too cheap to pay for Flickr, so she came over and we used my account to make the book.

I like to delete my own photos....

She's a cute brat. And tasteful.

Anyway, she did not set any of her photos to private as she uploaded them and before we could even view them, I recieved more comments and Flickr mail in 5 minutes than I have ever recieved in my whole life.

How do complete strangers know you are uploading pics in your bra that quick?
The photos were all labeled "Carmen" and some random number.
Is there some sexy secret tool on Flickr I don't know about?

Now I have all these pervs that want to be dirty photo friends. Grrrrreeeeat.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Harry Potter, get your shit together.

Sorry dudes, (Butchie BFFFFFFF) my life has been insanely busy.

Last night I took a nice little trip to Pretentious-ville a.k.a. a gallery opening (This will be important later). Free beer, but tons of party poopers. No camera's allowed. Chill out, I don't want to take pictures of your crappy coat hanger Jesus sculpture thing; I like to take pictures of my friends drunk and crude and post them on the internet in a weird attempt to embarass them. Whatever.

Anyway meet Harry Potter (right).


Harry Potter is a 21 year old who cannot drink. Harry Potter likes to find the most expensive thing in the house and barf on it. Example, my wireless internet router. It is very cat-like behavior.

Anyway, a few months ago Harry decided that it would be awesome to barf all over my friends living room and the next morning barf on my shoes at work WHILE SCANING SOMEONES GROCERIES.
Being the awesomest co-workers ever, we got him this nice get well card. It went like this:
"Soar like a eagle, shit like a pigeon".

I guess Harry took these words of wisdom to heart because again this morning at work, he had to steal the limelight and barf all of his free art show beer all over someones groceries. Again.

Someone give me a raise because I think this makes me the Employee of the Year because I really feel like I have my shit together.