Friday, April 10, 2009


Sorry guys. I keep forgetting I have this blog and have been running around outdoors. It's getting nicer out and it is hard to stay inside.


Oh yeah, and I am a non-smoker now.


Ophelia Mourne said...

good for you darling!!

Magic Pants Jones said...

Spring in Michigan can't be beaten. It's miserable for so long there that when it does get nice, it's amazing. Enjoy!

Oh, and good on ya for the not smoking. Keep busy.

Jellyfish Opera said...

Unfortunately for me, due to my skinnyness any theme park ride, (particularly the one your one) would scare the worms out of me because I'm frightened I'll slip out and fly miles and miles across the land at a speed not to my liking.

Then again I ride them anyways for a chance to fly.

Good show Flo, good show!

Krista said...

I still stalk you on facebook and flickr so it's okay, i forgive you. ;)

Phronk said...

Dammit, stop running around outdoors and being healthy! Stay inside blogging and smoking!


PTCruiser said...

Outstanding! Stay off the smokes. It gets better. You can thank me later.