Saturday, March 28, 2009

Learning to Whrrl.

Hi Guys.

I have been trying out Whrrl on my phone. It is kinda fun. If you want to see what I did tonight, you can go here. I am am still trying to get the hang out the site, since I use it on my phone, not on a PC. Whrrl is kind of fun. It is like blogging live. The only thing that makes me crazy is that you can't take a typo back when you notice it 5 minutes later, and I can't type on a phone. I usually give up trying after 2 sentences. Anyway, check it out, its like a little blog post with my cell.

I need to go to sleep. I forgot to see what time I work tomorrow so I have to get up early and find out. Urghh.

Nighty nite!

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Ophelia Mourne said...

Emily!!!! I changed your sidebar link image thingy, hope you like it :)